Tradition from the hearth of Bohemia

For more than 110 years, we have valued the long-term trust of our customers who appreciate our products and give us feedback.

Easy and quick preparation

Our constant goal is to simplify and speed up work in the kitchen. With our products, you can do it with a smile and ease.

Tasty and balanced

Thanks to our emphasis on the quality of our ingredients and food preparation technology, you will discover how delicious and balanced your meals will be.

Natural ingredients

If you care about your health and prefer food from the environment of living nature and grown in a natural way, welcome to us.

Wide and popular BIO range

Our range of organic products with transparent production, traceable origin and no preservatives, pesticides or artificial colours.

High and certified quality

High emphasis on the strictest IFS standards and Organic certification as well as on the sustainability of the technologies we use. Honesty is completely our own.

For traditional eaters and modern diners

Several generations have grown up on our products. We strive to adapt to the changing needs of our customers and satisfy the next generation

Save time

Quick and easy preparation

We've made life in the kitchen easier for your mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, and now for you.

  • For over a hundred years, our main goal has been to simplify food preparation as much as possible and thus reduce the time spent in the kitchen.
  • You only need basic ingredients such as milk or oil for preparation, and the bulk formula reduces cooking or baking time.
  • Quality selected ingredients and daily laboratory control ensure that the result is always successful. They also have an excellent shelf life of up to 2 years.

For all generations

Modern yet traditional

Approximately 5 generations of your family members have cooked with Amylon, each generation different yet the same.

  • Our development team monitors and reflects changing customer needs, food trends and flavour preferences.
  • We are constantly improving and enriching our food preparation.
  • Both fans of traditional Czech cuisine and young people with different dietary needs will find their own.

We only use the best stuff

Quality ingredients as a basis for taste

We carefully select and purchase only quality ingredients from certified suppliers.

  • Amylon, as a manufacturer, meets the strictest standards of IFS and BIO certification.
  • We guarantee the highest standards, quality and hygiene in production.
  • Honesty is one of the pillars of our company.

For every eater

We have something for everyone

Whether you suffer from gluten allergy, do not want to consume artificial ethics, or care about the health of nature, you can choose from us.

  • We offer both gluten-free and vegan products.
  • Our wide range of organic products is very popular, promoting ecological balance, preserving biodiversity or reducing the use of certain pesticides.
  • Fans of quick meals prepared in a minute will also enjoy our products.

As best we can

With respect for people, land and nature

The history of the company begins in the second half of the 19th century and continues to this day. During this time, we have always been in Czech hands and have supported Czech agriculture and employment opportunities in the Highlands.


We treat our employees with courtesy and fairness. We value their personal initiative, sense of responsibility and we do not resist new innovative ideas that will be appreciated by the customer.

Kariéra u nás


We care about our beautiful land and nature, so we want to preserve it for our future and our children. We invest in technologies that are sustainable. In 2021 alone, we reduced water consumption by 25% or gas consumption by 20%.


We are currently completing one of the largest rooftop solar power plants in the region, the output of which could supply 190 average Czech households with electricity for a whole year. The investment makes sense for our surroundings, the planet and future generations.

Our products