Delicious drink with matcha

Organic matcha shake with apricot flavour – gluten free 30 g

The really tasty Organic matcha shake with a balanced apricot component is great for breakfast or as a nutritious snack. In a matter of moments, the drink will replenish the necessary dose of energy, promote concentration, and relax the mind. and provide the body with the necessary antioxidants.

Only made with carefully selected ingredients, in organic quality and with real matcha from Japan, No added refined sugar, because it is sweetened with organic rice syrup, a natural sweetener with a lower glycemic index. Gluten-free and without palm oil.

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Organic matcha shake will be appreciated not only by athletes

Delicious shake with organic matcha and balanced organic fruit is a natural bioenergy drink for athletes, to start the day and as a nutritious and tasty snack full of energy.

Genuine matcha from Japan, contained in the shake, provides a good dose of energy for 3-6 hours thanks to theophylline, a tea caffeine that is gentler on the body than coffee or energy drinks. Matcha from Japan is a powerful natural antioxidant that supports the body and also helps to speed up metabolism by up to 40% thanks to the amino acids it contains. Sipping matcha will increase concentration, reduce drowsiness and brighten your mood.

The matcha shake is sweetened with organic rice syrup, a natural sweetener with a lower glycemic index than regular sugar, so it doesn’t affect blood sugar levels as much. Plus, rice syrup is gentler on the stomach as it has a higher pH so it doesn’t cause acidity.

Organic whey is also an important ingredient in Matcha Shake, which helps to improve the body’s metabolism. This combination makes this drink not only tasty but also beneficial to our health. Thus, you can enjoy a refreshing and nutritious drink that will energize and support your body in a natural way.

Taste the Organic matcha shake from the heart of Bohemia

  • Only carefully selected organic ingredients
  • Delicious natural bioenergy drink
  • With original organic matcha from Japan
  • With a balanced organic fruit component
  • Adds a hefty dose of energy
  • Matcha is a powerful antioxidant
  • Matcha promotes concentration, reduces drowsiness, improves mood
  • Accelerates metabolism
  • No added sugar, sweetened only with organic rice syrup
  • Gluten-free and palm fat-free
  • Preparation in a jiffy
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Quick and easy preparation

Pour the contents of the package into the shaker with 200 ml cold or hot water (approx. 60°C) and shake it well.

Our tip: if you choose cold preparation we recommend a few ice cubes.

The recommended daily dose of matcha for an adult is 4-6 grams. Pregnant, breastfeeding and children about 2 grams per day.

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In the morning, many of us struggle to get our bodies started. Matcha Shake is a great starter for the day.


Product ingredients


ORGANIC powdered rice syrup, ORGANIC powdered whey, ORGANIC powdered skimmed milk, ORGANIC ground Matcha tea (4,4 %), ORGANIC dried apricots (4,1 %), thickening agent: xanthan, natural flavouring, anti-caking agent: potassium tartrate.

Product code a EAN:

Product code: 7608 / EAN: 8594006668347


30 g

Shel life:

12 months

Where is the product produced?

Czech republic.
Bio Shake Matcha was created in collaboration with Matcha Tea.

Nutritional Information *in 100g of finished product
Energy value 193 kJ / 46 kcal
Fats <0,1 g
Saturated fatty acids <0,1 g
Saccharides 11 g
Sugars 3,5 g
Proteins <0,5 g
Salt 0,06 g


*Product prepared according to instructions with water