Whipped Cream 30 g

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Product number: 6103


Sugar, foaming agent (vegetable fats: fully hydrogenated palm and coconut fats at various ratios 24%, glucose syrup, emulsifier: citric acid esters of mono and diglycerides of fatty acids), milk protein, modified starch, cornstarch, flavouring.

Allergen information

May contain traces of gluten and eggs.

Packaging information

Weight 30 g, 24-month shelf life

Preparation instructions

Empty the contents of the package into 125 ml of cold milk. Beat with an electric beater in a tall, narrow container for 3 minutes while gradually increasing the speed. It is best to chill the finished whipped cream prior to serving. The finished product should be consumed promptly. The finished product should be consumed promptly.

Nutritional information Whipped Cream 30 g
Energy value
Fat Of which saturates fatty acids Carbohydrates Of which sugars Proteins Salt Calcium
 kj    kcal g g g g g g mg
100g bulk mixtures 2168 517 24 <0,1 73 46 2,4 0,00 -
100 grams of finished product 575 137 5,9 0,8 18 13 3,1 0,08 -
**% 8 4 7 14 6 1,3 -

** Referenční hodnota příjmu u průměrné dospělé osoby (8400 kJ/2000 kal)