Savoury quark dough pizza pie

Savoury quark dough pizza pie

Try our recipes made from Amylon quark doughs.

Preparation time

30 minutes


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    Amylon Quark Dough mix, water, vegetable shortening or butter, salt. Topping ingredients: cheese, deli meats of your choice – can substitute slices of tofu or tempeh, tomatoes, leeks or onions (may add olives, corn, etc.), 3-4 eggs, approx. 0.4 l of 30% cream

Preparation process

  1. Prepare the Amylon QUARK DOUGH mix according to the instructions (mix 1 kg of the mix with 500 ml water and 400 ml melted cooled shortening or butter)
  2. Divide into sections according to the dimensions of baking sheet or tray, roll flat and, with the help of the rolling pin, transfer to a lightly greased tray. Trim/cut the edges or the dough, or add more dough if needed. This dough is simple to work with, as any irregularities are easily "fixed."
  3. The pizza toppings can be chosen according to the preferences of the consumers, for instance:
  4. 1 – top with slices of smoked meat/tofu/tempeh, add slices of leeks or onions, olives, corn, sprinkle with grated cheese and add cream with a beaten egg 2 – top the dough with freshly pureed tomatoes with a pinch of salt, add pieces of ham, sprinkle with grated cheese, top with seasonal vegetables, i.e. slices of tomatoes, halved cherry tomatoes, peppers, roasted aubergine, etc. 3 – spices can also be added directly to the dough or various fillings – basil, oregano, thyme, pizza spices, etc. This will result in a delicious "Italian" flavour 4 – on the bottom layer, place bacon, add chopped frozen spinach drained of excess water (by briefly braising or pressing), season with salt, garlic, and onion, top with cream mixed with a beaten egg.
  5. Place in an oven preheated to 180°C and bake until golden brown, approx. 25-30 minutes.
  6. Bon appetit!