• Without artificial additives?
  • Gluten-free?
  • Nature friendly?
  • Supporting Czech agriculture?
  • With a mouthful of flavour?

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We made life easier in the kitchen for your mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, and now for you too. The world is changing and it keeps us moving forward and our products don’t stay behind. Our goal is still simplification and acceleration work in the kitchen. And always with a mouthful of flavour.

Whether you suffer from gluten allergies, you do not want to consume artificial additives, or you pay attention to the health of nature, you choose with us. We believe in quality, offer gluten-free and vegan products for you. Many Organic products support ecological balance, conservation of biological diversity or reduction of the use of certain pesticides.

With respect to nature. With respect to (our) country and nature. As a company, we remain in Czech hands and support Czech agriculture. We invest in technologies that are sustainable. Only in 2021 did we reduce it water consumption by 25% or gas consumption by 20%. It makes sense.

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