What do you get by cooperating with Amylon a.s.?

Don’t overlook the time-tested Amylon brand from the heart of the Highlands, which offers quality, tasty and easy-to-prepare food with an emphasis on high quality, great taste and processing in conventional or organic quality.

Customer service

A top-notch and experienced team of experts is here for you with fast and efficient support and marketing.

Quality products

A wide range of products for the different needs of our customers.

Interesting pricing

Interesting pricing and margins with more and more developing marketing support.

Promo printed materials

Flyers, offer sheets and other promotional printed materials with Amylon products.


Discover products and taste delights from our wide range of products.

Modern products

According to current trends, we develop and innovate existing formulations of our product portfolio.

You save time

Quick and easy preparation

For over a hundred years, our main goal has been to simplify food preparation as much as possible and thus reduce the time spent in the kitchen.

This is achieved by using powder mixtures, which have many advantages. You only need basic ingredients such as milk or oil to prepare them, and the powdered composition significantly reduces cooking or baking time.

They also have an excellent shelf life of up to 2 years. Quality selected ingredients, recipes and daily laboratory control ensure that the result is always guaranteed.


Quality ingredients as a basis for great taste

We carefully select and purchase only quality ingredients from certified suppliers.

Amylon, as a manufacturer, meets the strictest standards of IFS and BIO certification, guaranteeing the highest standard, quality and hygiene in production. Honesty is one of the pillars of our company.

As best we can

With respect for people, land and nature

We value the long-term trust of our customers who appreciate our products and give us feedback.

From our history

The history of the company begins in the second half of the 19th century and continues to this day. During this time, we have always been in Czech hands, supporting Czech agriculture and providing employment opportunities in the Highlands. We treat our employees fairly, which is why they stay with us for the long term. We value personal initiative, a sense of responsibility and we do not resist new innovative ideas.


We care about our beautiful land and nature, we want to preserve it for our future and our children. We invest in technologies that are sustainable. In 2021 alone, we reduced water consumption by 25% or gas consumption by 20%. We are now completing one of the largest rooftop solar power plants in the Highlands, with enough power to supply 190 average Czech households with electricity all year round. The investment makes sense for our surroundings, the planet and future generations.


Our sales department is there for you when you need it most

Sales Department Ronov nad Sázavou

  • Bc. Petr Černý

    Sales Director for Retail and Gastronomy (Ronov nad Sázavou) 736 464 040