Organic products from Amylon

guarantee the origin and the highest quality


Preparation from ingredients that do not contain pesticides, artificial colours, hormones or modified organisms


Using only ingredients that have been grown naturally.


Transparent and Organic certified production line and traceable origin


High quality raw materials


Real taste and aroma without embellishment


Therefore, only products in purely natural form and from only organic ingredients reach you, our customer


diverse BIO range of products

By buying our authentic BIO range, you get quality products with provenance and support honest work and a healthier nature.

Real and without embellishment

We use only the best ingredients

The emphasis on the quality of raw materials in our organic products is great. You can be sure that the taste of bourbon vanilla
added to e.g. organic vanilla pudding, significantly improves the aroma and taste and thus the gourmet experience.
Likewise, Organic Vanilla Sugar smells great thanks to the use of only the finest ingredients and elevates the goodies baked with these helpers to the level of "yummy and wonderful like my grandma's".

The taste and aroma of the BIO range is real, without embellishing with substitutes and additives.

We've got it under control.

Is Amylon's Organic range really Organic?

The production of our organic food is inspected at least once a year by an independent inspection body to fullfill Organic quality standards and moreover the factory holds the latest food IFS standard.


Why is the price of our organic products higher than other products?

Our organic products are truly authentic and the processing of the ingredients used from truly specific producers takes more time and more effort. By buying them, you support honest work and a suistanability in nature around us.

From ingredients grown in a natural way

Using only quality ingredients that have been grown naturally and with proven provenance

Environmental protection

Buying organic food also supports environmental protection, because farmers and organic food producers care about protecting the air, soil, water and landscape

Together for Organic

Amylon's organic range supports honest work, traditional practices and a healthier nature around us.

You can buy not only in our e-shop, but also in supermarkets, health food stores and online shops.

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