Not only a preservative helper

Citric acid 100 g

We use citric acid to preserve fruits and vegetables, to prepare homemade jams and marmalades, syrups or to flavour salads and compotes... Citric acid is indispensable in preserving, it supports the gelling process and helps fruits and vegetables retain their colour and enhance their flavour.

It is also a great help in descaling the kettle or for preparing bath additives.

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Citric acid as an all-round helper

Citric acid is used as an additive in preserving and preserving fruits and vegetables. Its acidity helps maintain the correct pH level in canned foods, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria, mould and other microorganisms and prolong the shelf life of food. It also helps to maintain colour, texture and enhance flavour. It can be added, for example, to compotes, jams or syrups. It is also suitable for flavouring salads, compotes and drinks.

Citric acid is a great helper in the home, for example to remove limescale, for cleaning or in bath additives.

Why have citric acid at home? From the heart of Bohemia

  • Easy handling
  • Natural origin
  • Indispensable for preserving
  • For preserving fruit and vegetables
  • Helps to preserve the colour of food and enhance the flavour
  • For flavouring syrups and drinks
  • To remove limescale
  • Great for making bath additives
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Use of citric acid

Citric acid is used as an additive in the preservation of fruits and vegetables and in the production of jam.

  1. An additive in the preservation of fruits and vegetables.
  2. For the preparation of jellies and jams.
  3. For flavouring syrups and drinks.
  4. For removing limescale from kettles, dishwashers, washing machines, toilet bowls and taps.
  5. For bath additives

When using citric acid in canning, it is important to follow the recommended recipes and quantities. Too much citric acid can affect the taste and quality of canned foods.

Tipy od Amylonky

Cleaning the coffee machine and kettle. Fill the kettle with water, add the citric acid and let the mixture boil. Then pour out the water and make several rinses with clean water.

Cleaning taps and shower heads: citric acid can help remove calcium deposits from taps and shower heads. Mix citric acid with water and allow the mixture to work on the affected areas. Then rinse them off with clean water.

Descaling various surfaces: mix citric acid with water to create a natural cleaning solution that can be used to descale various surfaces such as tiled walls, bathroom tiles, sink faucets and toilet bowls.

Stain and dirt removal: citric acid can also be used to remove stains from textiles, such as fruit stains. Mix it with water or washing powder and apply to the stain before washing.

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Citric acid crystalline

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Product code: 6650 / EAN: 8594006662550



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24 months

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Czech republic.

Nutritional Informationper 100 g of bulk mixture
Energy value1297 kJ / 299 kcal
fats0 g
of which saturated fat0 g
Carbohydrates0 g
of which total sugar0 g
Protein0 g
Salt0 g